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Engagement Session at Onondaga Park

July 11, 2020

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Last week I joined Darcia and Tyler for their engagement session at Onondaga Park. As it was a holiday weekend, it was the perfect time to meet up. The morning was quiet and beautiful, with a delightful breeze and milder morning temperatures.

Darcia and Tyler, whom live out of state, reminisced together as we walked around the park on the areas they remember from vising the park in their youth. It was fun for me to see the park through their fresh eyes as sometimes we overlook that which we have become accustomed to.

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Sometime two people are just meant to be together. Darcia and Tyler have known one another since high school and started dating. When Darcia went to college out of state, the two stayed in touch and then re-connected. Have you ever seen the little cutaway segments in “When Harry Met Sally” where the couples talk about their adorable love stories? About re-finding love and re-connecting. Yup, that is totally what their story reminds me of.

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When asked to pick on word that described themselves as a couple, Darcia said “Team.” I don’t think I have ever had that response before, and I ADORE it! That is such the perfect way to view your relationship. No wonder these two are the perfect match.

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When asked what they like to do together, Darcia and Tyler replied that they love spending time with their three kids doing family activities. It was a beautiful thing to see how animated and joyful both Darcia and Greg where when talking about their kids.

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I will be joining Darcia and Tyler for the wedding this fall at SKY Armory.

Interested in book an engagement at Onondaga Park or any other location? Let’s create some images together!

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