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Zach and Rachel | A Winter Engagement Session at Fallbrook, Oswego

March 10, 2019

As the sun was shining down on me during my drive to Fallbrook this past Friday afternoon for Zach and Rachel’s engagement session, I was thinking about how we lucked out with such a glorious day. I was really excited to be meeting these two for their session, and mother nature was smiling down on us the whole time.

When we met, it seemed like we had the whole area to ourselves. It was peaceful – no wind, no other park-goers (with the exception of one small herd of dogs that went through about mid-way through the session.) The creek was sparkling and everything was perfect.

I read somewhere that laughter is a key to the heart, and looking at the joy and laughter shared between Zach and Rachel, it was clear that is what was meant by the author. By the time the session was wrapping up, my cheeks ached from smiling and laughing so much. Zach and Rachel made engagement photos downright easy! You’d think they had been posing for photos for years prior to this session. Shooting their wedding day portraits this summer will be a snap (pardon the pun.) I can’t wait to see what we create a few short months from now!!!

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