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1. How soon do i get my pictures after my wedding?

The absolutely maximum amount of time it would take to receive your wedding photos is 12 weeks, but typically I deliver between 6-8 weeks depending on the season (fall tends to be the busiest.)

2. How many photos do we receive?

This is probably the hardest question to answer because every wedding is different. There is a number of factors that effect how many photos you wind up with: How many hours of coverage you purchased; if you booked 1 or 2 photographers; if you have a large wedding party/large family; if you have lots of people at your reception; if you have lots of details/decorations; if you are getting married and having the reception in the same venue; how much travel time there is between locations for the ceremony/reception/portraits. On average, a wedding with one photographer will receive roughly 60-70 images per hour, where as a wedding with a second should would typically receive more. 

3. Are you comfortable shooting in dark areas?

Yes! I have lighting equipment that is suited to any space. Although I love natural light, I understand it is not always available. I also love creating some really unique lighting effects in dark situations. 

4. How much Does it cost to book you?


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