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Wedding at Delphi Falls

Elizabeth and Cody celebrate their wedding Delphi Falls and Springside Farms. Joanna Young Photography.

September 1, 2020

Elizabeth and Cody | Wedding at Delphi Falls; Reception at Springside Farms This past Saturday was a demonstration of fate’s agreement that Elizabeth and Cody were meant to be together. As I left my house in the late morning to drive to Springside Farms, the rain was pounding down so furiously that my windshield wipers […]

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Every journey starts with a single step. For Elizabeth and Cody’s Delphi Falls engagement session, those steps started STRAIGHT down a small (and thankfully short) cliff side. At the bottom of the cliff: Sheer Magic! Sparking water, beautiful dappled sunlight, glowing foliage. It was like we were in a fantasy movie set.

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