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Fallbrook Winter Maternity Session

February 24, 2022

When I met Tayler and Chris at Fallbrook for their winter maternity session, I knew we were going to be creating some stunning images. Tayler stepped out of their truck with this gorgeous red maternity gown, and it just “Popped” against the winter white of the snow.

Fallbrook Winter Maternity Session

Tayler and Chris have come to me for the past few years for their family photos. They are a photographer’s dream family; always smiling, always prepared, and always up to try anything.

Fallbrook Winter Maternity Session

Fallbrook in Oswego is such a gem for photographers. It has the best of many settings: Stream, barn, fields, willow trees, and trails. My initial plan had been to head to the willows, but the wind had a different plan for us. We headed toward the trails, and found the perfect area to capture most of our photos.

Tayler and Chris MAternity Session_0003.jpg
Tayler and Chris MAternity Session_0004.jpg
Tayler and Chris MAternity Session_0005.jpg

After leaving the trail, we quickly visited the stream. I knew I was going to love this image the moment I saw it in the camera, and it is one of my favorite maternity images ever!

Tayler and Chris MAternity Session_0006.jpg
Tayler and Chris MAternity Session_0007.jpg
Tayler and Chris MAternity Session_0008.jpg
Tayler and Chris MAternity Session_0009.jpg

Tayler and Chris MAternity Session_0010.jpg
Tayler and Chris MAternity Session_0011.jpg
Tayler and Chris MAternity Session_0012.jpg
Tayler and Chris MAternity Session_0013.jpg

Tayler coupled her dress with the same floral wreath that she used for her maternity session with her son. It is a lovely idea to use the same accessory for each session.

Tayler and Chris MAternity Session_0014.jpg

To inquire about maternity sessions, stop on by the homepage and shoot me a message!

Details: Fallbrook Winter Maternity Session

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